📺 Effortlessly take video notes

Automatically transcribe video notes as you watch, pausing to add your own thoughts as you need. No typing required!

Taking video notes has traditionally been a bit of a pain. People typically either pause a video to write important information down, or simply watch without capturing the information at all.

AI has fixed this problem for us. You can transcribe a video as you watch it, add your own thoughts as you go, and then have AI organize everything for you.

We even include a custom AI prompt you can steal. It does some cool things like adding backlinks for you.

Step 1: Start your transcriber

Make sure that you have a audio transcriber that picks up the system audio, not just what's happening out loud. This way you'll be able to take notes without playing the video out loud.

Reflect has one built-in that picks up system audio.

Reflect’s voice transcriber on the desktop app

Step 2: Start playing your video

Next, start playing your YouTube video!

Make sure your transcriber is picking up the audio levels like you see in the screenshot above.

If you don’t see audio levels, check that you don’t have multiple applications trying to pick up your system audio.

Taking video notes using split-screen

Step 3: Pause and add your own thoughts and notes

Whenever you have your own thought to add, pause the video and speak it into the transcription. Add a unique identifiers like “note from me” and “end note” so that the AI assistant can differentiate it from the video transcription.

Step 4: Prepare your custom AI prompt

Start by copying our base prompt for YouTube videos from this spreadsheet. You’ll likely want to Tweak it based on your own preferences.

Reflect lets you save your own custom prompts. Find out how here.

video note-taking AI prompt in Reflect

Step 5: Run the AI prompt on the transcription

Depending on how long the video was, your transcription might take a couple minutes to process.

Once it's landed in your daily note, just run your AI prompt on it and you're good to go with nice clean notes!

Formatted notes from YouTube video

💡 Pro Tip: Use AI to chat with the video transcript

If you keep the original transcript in your notes, you can pull it up in the AI Advanced Search and then chat with the video transcript.

Ask it questions, pieces of information you forgot, or anything else!

Chatting with your video notes using AI

Happy note-taking!
The Reflect team

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