✨✍️ Use AI to improve your writing

AI makes the perfect writing assistant and editor – right from within your notes.

This email will show you how to outsource the annoying parts of writing. Your writing will become faster, better and infinitely more enjoyable.

This email was written using AI – although not generated by it. That’s because if you head over to ChatGPT and ask it to write an article from start to finish, the result will be lackluster at best.

Think of AI as the editor, not the author.

You will likely need to tweak the workflow and prompts a bit to match your own style and purpose. We’ll start by covering the writing workflow and finish with some prompts you can use.

Step 1: Do a mind dump of your ideas

Start by transcribing a voice note.

This voice note will be a mind dump of everything you know about the topic you are writing about. Don’t worry about the order or organization of your thoughts (AI will do that part for us).

Transcribing a voice note using AI in Reflect

Step 2: Use AI to organize the ideas

After you transcribe your voice note, run an AI prompt on it to organize the thoughts and ideas into an article outline. Reflect has one built-in that you can use and customize as needed.

Remember that AI isn’t perfect – it likely won’t nail this the first time. Tweak and adjust the outline as needed before moving forward.

Using AI to generate an article outline from a voice transcription

Step 3: Write the article based on the outline

You have a couple options here depending on your preference:

Option A: Transcribe the actual article with your voice, using the outline as you go.

Start another voice note and speak your writing out loud as you work through the outline. Feel free to pause, and “re-speak” things, the AI will clean it up.

This offers a huge advantage – you’re writing will be in your literal voice.

Option B: Have AI take a first stab and then edit.

If you’re struggling with the blank page, you can have AI write a first article draft based on the outline. It won’t be great, but it’s a lot easier to re-write a draft than it is to write something from scratch.

Step 4: Use AI to edit, improve and add research

There are a few things AI is particularly good at when it comes to editing:

  1. Fix your spelling and typos

  2. Rephrasing parts of your writing in a certain style

  3. Clean up your writing

Reflect has built-in system prompts for this that you can use directly. You can also copy some custom prompts from this sheet.

Some of Reflect’s built-in AI prompts for writing

You can watch our extended walkthrough on how to use AI as a writing assistant here.

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