💼 Take effective meeting notes

A meeting with nothing captured or recorded is a waste of time. Here's how to get the most out of your meetings.

In this email we are going to be covering a few simple ways to take effective meeting notes.

Your meeting notes should be easy to take – it’s hard to focus on thinking and contributing when you’re furiously typing.

They also need to capture the right information. The key takeaways of what was discussed, next action items and the metadata like who was on a call and when it took place.

These methods will easily accomplish all of the above, so you can focus on your calls.

1. Take meeting notes directly from your daily note

Start by listing the meeting as a line item in your daily note. Include the topic and backlink the attendees.

If it's a quick one-off meeting, you might just jot some simple notes down underneath the line item.

Simple meeting notes from the daily note

For ongoing or recurring meetings, you might backlink to a specific note where you can keep ongoing meeting notes. Reflect’s calendar integration will do this for you.

Reflect’s meeting card calendar integration

2. Transcribe the meetings

It’s good to have an accurate transcription of all your calls. You can look back specifically at what was said, and use it to generate key takeaways and action items discussed.

Reflect has a built-in AI voice transcriber. If you use it on the Mac app, it will pick up system audio from others on the call as well (make sure you have “Labs” turned on in settings).

Just click on the microphone and forget about it while you take your call. Stop it whenever you’re done.

Recording a meeting with the voice transcriber

The transcription will be waiting on your daily note. You can then run any AI prompt you’d like on the transcription to organize your meeting notes for you.

3. Setup pre-built templates and AI prompts

Taking meeting notes is a lot easier when you setup either a template or an AI prompt to do the manual work for you. You can use either or both.

Templates offer you some structure to start taking notes off of.

Using a pre-set meeting template

AI prompts let you take notes however you'd like, and then organize them for you after the fact.

Running an AI prompt on a meeting transcription

If you want an in depth tutorial on how to take effortless meeting notes, check out our YouTube video!

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